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Update 2: Looks like page load times, at least as reported by Pingdom, went up from what they initially were. In my own testing cached pages still load in something like 150 to 250 milliseconds but Pingdom disagees. I don't know if this is regular CloudFront performance fluctuation, some kind of impedance mismatch between Pingdom and CloudFront or "something else".

Update: That really did the trick and the estimated -90% page load time wasn't that far off:

Having been fed up with wastefulness (resource wise) and general slowness of the MySQL/PHP/WordPress/CloudFlare setup for some time, I have now moved this site to S3/CloudFront. Site is generated from an XML file (which I derived from a WordPress export dump) with a Python script that is hosted here. Commenting is obviously impossible but if you for some reason need to contact me you'll find contact details on your left.

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