Kettler ergometer serial protocol

I'm having some issues getting JErgometer working with my new Kettler E3, so to rule out the possibility of miswiring (the bike has a traditional RS-232 interface so I got a USB-RS232-WE-5000-BT_0.0 cable from FTDI which comes "wire-ended" and requires some soldering) I dug out "Kettler Treadmill Serial lua class" from mhwlng (thanks!). This, and my own brute-force testing got me the following list of commands relevant in the bike's context, which may be only a subset of the commands that the bike accepts but what could be used to build one's own implementation:

Reset device
Ergometer computer model info ("SF1B1706")
Ergormeter computer firmware version ("117")
Request status; reply:

pulse rpm speed*10 distance requested_power energy mm:ss actual_power
Enter command mode; required before calling the P-commands below
PW x
Request power of x watts
PT mmss
Request time of mmss
PD x
Request x/10 km distance

Notes: I only connected RX, TX and signal ground (looks like the bike does not use any kind handshaking). Serial port settings are 9600bps, 8N1.

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