Verifying Amazon SNS Messages with PHP

Messages sent by Amazon Simple Notification Service are signed, and checking that any received message is indeed from AWS and not from some douche trying to outsmart you is not very hard (nor should it be optional, for that matter): sns-verify.php The verify_sns() function expects the message in JSON format, plus region (e.g. "eu-west-1"), numerical account ID without dashes and an array containing the topics you're interested in. The code will verify both SubscriptionConfirmation and Notification messages. It loads the certificate from the address in SigningCertURL field to check against for each message separately because the certificate changes over time, as described here. It is also checked that the host where the certificate is loaded from is in the domain. Example usage where subscriptions are automatically confirmed:

    logger('Not POST request, quitting');

$post = file_get_contents('php://input');

if(!verify_sns($post, 'REGION', 'ACCOUNT', array('TOPIC 1', 'TOPIC 2'))) {

$msg = json_decode($post);

if($msg->Type == 'SubscriptionConfirmation') {
    logger('SNS SubscriptionConfirmation received);
} elseif($msg->Type == 'Notification') {
    logger('SNS Notification received);

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